Electric rollerblades with rubber caterpillar - a crazy project that worked out. "Roller-pillars" are adapted to almost any surface. They can be used both on smooth asphalt and on dirt roads, gravel roads and in forest areas. Their applicability is practically unlimited.

Speed control is achieved by using the handle that the user holds in hand. Steering is done as usual, in ordinary rollers, by leaning on bends. The battery is located in the user's backpack.

The high price of the kit makes this product not yet ready for mass market production. Nevertheless, in the future we intend to return to it.

Technical specifications

Electric Rollerblades

Weight: 4,2 kg – rubber track drive and motor
Shoe weight: 0,8 kg
Lenght: 48 cm
Lenght of the rubber track: 42 cm
Motor: DC 2x 350 W
Gearbox: 1:4
Controller: 36 A
Range: 20 km
Speed: 15 km/h
Batery: li-Ion 26 V (7s) 26 Ah
Weight of the battery: 4,9 kg
Battery size: 32/15/8.5 cm

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