EV4 Go-kart

This concept is a road version go-kart equipped with independent suspension and an electric drive. EV4 go-kart also has increased clearance of 12 cm to allow driving over small obstacles and provide a smoother ride in general.

Technical specifications


Drive: 2x 1000W DC motor
Battery: 3x gel type 12 V, 20 Ah
Brakes: hydraulic discs on rear wheels
Width: 99 cm
Length: 146 cm
Height: 70 cm
Clearance: 12 cm
Weight: 62 kg with battery
Speed: around 40 km/h
Suspension: 4 shock absorbers
Front tires: 10x4.00-5
Rear tires: 11x6.00-5
Transmission: toothed belts
Aviation grade aluminium frame

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