Project - the birth of the EV4

Since birth I live in Europe in the Polish capital of Warsaw. Moving within Warsaw, which from year to year is becoming more and more jammed, I lacked alternative means of transport, which could easily get around street jams. I could simply not accept the daily, pointless and costly waste of time. I began to think about the development of an innovative vehicle that would allow for faster urban transport. I made a list of my expectations and I came to the following conclusions:

The vehicle had to be:  

While searching for a solution, which would combine all these qualities, I came to the conclusion that the mass of the vehicle would be around 50 kg, with dimensions similar to a bicycle incl. an electric drive. One key problem remained, however: How would one increase the vehicle’s stability compared to that of a bicycle? How could we increase the stability of a 4 wheel drive vehicle while keeping the dimensions fit for a bike road and at the same time eliminate any tendency to derail in curves. I started looking for a technical solution that would combine the advantages of a single track and double track vehicle. Following aeronautics, which use control units in small airplanes, it was on that basis that I decided to design an innovative suspension system, which is now implemented in the EV4. Thus the EV4 is a 4 wheel drive vehicle, which can tilt just as a traditional bicycle.